Personal connections are a critical piece of what drives our films. Check out some of our recent posts below, and get to know some of the incredible couples we’ve had the pleasure of working with here at New England Creative.
Rachel & Jeff | Mountain Top Inn & Resort | Chittenden, VT

Rachel & Jeff | Mountain Top Inn & Resort | Chittenden, VT


Mountain Top Inn Wedding Film

I’ve gotta say, Rachel & Jeff’s wedding day was a pretty magical experience. Set in the middle of Vermont’s Green Mountains in the quiet town of Chittenden, Vermont; it was apparent their decision to have their wedding day at the Mountain Top Inn & Resort was a true expression of their love for nature, the outdoors and the New England mountains. Unsurprisingly, we love all of these things too, so to say we were excited to capturing our first Mountain Top Inn Wedding Film was an understatement.

We made the drive from the Connecticut with our friend Rachel from Rowanberry + Lavender and her amazing 2nd shooter Sarah. Sharing conversations with friends and admiring the natural beauty of Vermont – it was one of those crisp fall days that you just knew was going to be special as soon as we got in the car. On the way to Chittenden you drive through sleepy Vermont towns, beautiful mountain vistas and quaint little shops that bleed New England charm through and through. It was easy to see why this place and this atmosphere was so important for them to share with their friends and family.

Upon our arrival at the Mountain Top Inn, it immediately became clear to us why this place is one of the most talked about destination mountain venues in New England. The quiet charm, the incredible backdrop of the green mountains from the ceremony location, and the beautiful reception building directly adjacent to an an incredible outdoor patio with blazing fire pits – truly the perfect spot to warm up on an early fall evening. Just the kind of place you’d want to run away to, soak in the orange & red colors of fall, sip on some cider and take a few deep breaths – it was perfect.

It’s difficult to sum up all of our experiences & emotions with Rachel & Jeff from their incredible day, but we’ll keep it short and say that we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to tell their story. From their incredible first look you’ll see in their film, to the amazing vendor team we worked with, to their absolutely incredible and tear inducing selfie review they sent us after they watched their film (watch below) – it’s a day we’ll never forget. These kinds of reactions you’ll see if their selfie review are exactly why we work as hard as we do, and why we love what we do so much. We’re not just capturing an event; we’re capturing the creation of a new family tree and the start of something new, and we’re honored to be doing it. Hey Mountain Top, we’ll see you again this year, and in 2020!

Venue: Mountain Top Inn & Resort | Photography: Rowanberry + Lavender | Floral: Meadow’s Edge Design | DJ: Top Hat Entertainment



Jen & Kyle | Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding Film | Stonington, CT

Jen & Kyle | Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding Film | Stonington, CT

Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding Film

Jen & Kyle’s wedding day was one we’ll never forget. From the gorgeous location on the water, to their emotion charged first look and their incredible hand written vows to each-other, our team was a bit of an emotional mess – in the best kind of way. When Jen & Kyle hired us to shoot their September 2018 wedding, we were elated to be returning to shoot another Saltwater Farm Wedding Film. Back on a hot hot day in July 2017, we had the incredible privilege of capturing Matt & Laura’s wedding during our first trip there. We had such a blast during our first visit, when Jen & Kyle booked us, we excitedly marked it on the calendar.

A few things about Jen & Kyle; they’re some of the most kind, genuine and caring people we’ve met. After meeting them at a local spot in Manchester CT for our consultation, we shared some conversations over a beer or two, and I knew immediately they’d be an absolute blast to work with. They met through mutual friends and connected after completing a Tough Mudder together. Shortly after they started dating and the rest is history. They’re animal loving vegans, craft beer lovers, and much like us – enjoy a good trip up into the mountains of New Hampshire & Vermont to get away. Our kind of people, hands down.

Their wedding day was truly special. Surrounded by their closest family & friends, the moments we shared with them prior to the ceremony were special. From Jen’s interaction with her dad during their first look, to Jen & Kyle’s incredible first look with each other – it was a powerful, powerful day. Do yourself a favor, and watch their film below and be sure to stick around for this moment, as well as their vows to each-other during the ceremony. Prepare the tissues and just listen to how they pour their souls out to each-other.

We couldn’t have been more honored to capture Jen & Kyle’s day. We’re bless to have had another opportunity to work with such an incredible team of vendors including our friend Rachel from Rowanberry + Lavender, Jerry from Power Posse (we shot his brother Phill’s wedding in 2018 as well) and the incredibly hospitable staff at Saltwater Farm. It’s days like this one, we’re super thankful to be doing what we do <3

Photography: Rowanberry + Lavender | Venue: Saltwater Farm Vineyard | DJ: Power Posse Productions | Catering: Gourmet Galley | Floral Design: Ladybug Designs | Hair & Makeup: Venora’s Salon | Gown: Paloma Blanca | Cake: Zest Fresh Pastry

Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding Film Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding Film Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding Film Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding Film

Nicolle & Andrew | Spring House Hotel Wedding Film | Block Island

Nicolle & Andrew | Spring House Hotel Wedding Film | Block Island


Spring House Hotel Wedding Film

Block Island is a pretty special place, and until Nicolle & Andrew’s wedding, was a place we never had the opportunity to visit. This tiny island off the coast of Rhode Island was named “Manisses” or “Island of the Little God” by the early dutch settlers in 1661. I’m no history buff, but what I do know is that our brief time spent on this little rock in the middle of the ocean was truly incredible, and has a special allure and ambiance that I haven’t experienced in a lot of places in my life. So when the opportunity presented itself to travel to Block Island and shoot our first Spring House Hotel Wedding Film, we were pretty excited.

This weekend with Nicolle and Andrew capped off a back to back island wedding weekend for us at NEC, with our travels to Martha’s Vineyard to shoot Najah & Omar’s wedding the week prior. Two ferry rides, two first-time island visits, and two incredible weddings with amazing couples.

We arrived to Block Island after a quick ferry ride from New London, CT and as soon as we stepped off the ferry on the docks at Block Island, we were immediately pulled into the unique, quaint and perfectly New England surroundings of this place. After getting settled into our vendor house, and meeting some of the band crew, and the incredible Angelina Rose Photography, we were picked up by officiant and brother of the bride Jackson, and drove through some quaint BI backroads to meet Nicolle & Andrew. From our time spent with Andrew and his groomsmen, connecting over our favorite Treehouse Brewing craft beers, to our time spent with Nicolle, her bridesmaids, and her mom as she prepped just prior to the ceremony, we knew we’d mesh well with these two.

From the incredible first look at the Mohegan Bluffs, riding around in Nicolle’s rad maroon jeep she’s had since high school, to the majestic views and amazing staff at the Spring House Hotel – a 164 year old historical landmark and the island’s oldest hotel which has hosted many notable guests over the years including Ulysses S. Grant, Mark Twain, and Billy Joel; it was an amazing day. Shout out to Angie from Angelina Rose Photography and her assistant Lizzy from Elizabeth Rose Creative for being my surprise assistant, and all-around awesome people to hang with. We couldn’t have had more of a blast on our first trip to Block Island, and look forward to many more opportunities in the future. Now give their film a watch below, and witness the magic of this amazing place.

Photography: Angelina Rose Photography | Venue: Spring House Hotel | Band: Tangle Vine | Floral Design: Painted Rock Florals | Hair & Makeup: Kinga Kaminska & Jessica Puleo

Spring House Hotel Wedding VideoSpring House Hotel Wedding VideoSpring House Hotel Wedding Video

Destination Elopement In Iceland | A Practical Guide

Destination Elopement In Iceland | A Practical Guide

Elopement In Iceland | A Practical Guide

Considering an elopment in Iceland? This past fall in October 2018, we had the opportunity to shoot our very first destination elopment film in the beautiful, remote, western region of Iceland – do yourself a favor and check out our wedding film linked below to witness the incredible scenery and magic that this country has to offer! Being our first destination wedding film in a foreign country, and one as extremely remote as Iceland, we wanted to summarize our thoughts, findings and tips when it comes to planning an elopement in Iceland. Let’s dive in.

Iceland is an incredible place, and if you’re the adventurous type of couple looking for a rugged experience you’ll never forget, as well as some incredible memories, photos & videos from a wedding held in such a surreal, incredibly beautiful and alien-like terrain – look no further than Iceland. Whether you’re planning an adventure elopement with your photographer/videographer and just the two of you, or you’re planning a smaller, intimate ceremony with just your closest family & friends, there are a few things to look out for and be aware of:

Iceland Is Expensive | Upon getting off the plane in Reykjavik, the general inflated cost of everything in Iceland is one of the first things you’ll notice. If your experience is anything like ours, the flights from any major airport in the states out to Iceland are relatively reasonable and pretty in-expensive (the good news)! However, once you land you’re in for a bit of a rude awakening. Due to the remote location, and need to have most items brought into the Iceland via ocean freight, simple expenses like food can really add up. It’s tough to get out of any restaurant for lunch without spending at least $20-$25 USD. If you’re up for it, shopping at the local supermarket and cooking in your lodging is the best route to go. Be sure to save your receipts though, as sales tax for tourists is refundable at the airport when departing Iceland!

Consider Hostels | With most major hotels in Iceland ranging anywhere from $190 to $300 USD per night, a good and cheaper alternative is the local Rekyavik hostel scene. If you’re the adventurous type and don’t mind shared sleeping quarters with other traveling adventurers, or if you’ve got some adventurous guests flying into Iceland for a wedding, a hostel might be a good alternative! We spent a considerable amount of time hanging out in the lounge at the incredible Kex Hostel in downtown Reykjavik and were impressed with the incredible food options, beer selection and eccentric decor and had some pretty interesting conversations with folks traveling to Iceland from around the world. Kex Hostel also offers some slightly more expensive, yet more private rooms in case the idea of shared sleeping quarters freaks you out a bit. There are plenty of other hostels outside of Reykjavik, so do your research if you’re going out into the more remote areas of Iceland.

Hire A Local Planner | If you’re looking to get out into the remote regions and are looking for a truly unique elopement setting in Iceland, away from the densely populated tourist traps, definitely look into a local Iceland wedding planner. We’ve been stalking the incredible team at for some time, and are in awe of some of the incredible places they find for their clients. Seriously, we see the most insane stuff on their IG stories – ceremony locations adjacent to incredible waterfalls, inside glaciers, black-sand beaches, you name it. Other than location scouting, they’re more likely to help you understand the particulars in eloping in such an extreme place including what to expect from the weather, best times to view the northern lights, and much much more. Don’t skimp out on this, seriously.

Watch Out For Tourists | As mentioned above, Iceland has seen a surge in visiting tourists over the last few years, and as such, many of the popular tourist destinations are packed with people. It’s getting harder and harder to find remote, completely tourist free locations for an intimate elopement ceremony or portrait session. With a good amount of research, a willingness to go off the beaten-path a bit, and a solid 4x4 vehicle, there are some incredible and remote locations to be found to hold your elopement in Iceland.

Language Barrier (or lack there-of) | Simply put, 98% of local Iceland residents speak english well enough to make them understandable. So if you’re worried about how you’re going to communicate with the locals in Iceland, don’t worry! We frequented many coffee shops, restaurants and various locations around Reykjavik and in the remote western region of Iceland and had zero issues communicating with the locals.

Driving Can Be Dangerous | If you’ve got any plans of traveling down dirt roads, or adventuring out into any sort of remote region, a 4x4 vehicle comes highly recommended. One of the nights we were there, a group of us hopped in a car, and quickly drove up a steep mountainous road in order to get a short glimpse of the northern lights, and even in a 4x4 it was a sketchy endeavor. No way in heck we’d attempt something like that in a FWD car. Additionally, if you plan on renting a car at the airport, opt in for the full coverage insurance. Someone from our group just opted for the basic insurance, and hit an Icelandic sheep in the middle of the night, having to pay over $1,000 USD for damage. Icelandic sheep are a big part of the local culture, and often free roam around the vast expanses of fields, so they can run into the street at any given moment. Additionally, we had an Icelandic horse run out in front of our bus in the pitch dark one night. We were able to avoid it, but it gave us a bit of a scare. In short, don’t skimp, get the extra insurance.

Our Suggestions | While we captured this film, we stayed at the beautiful and remote Fosshotel Hellnar, which was a few hours drive from Rekyavik and was the perfect mix of a remote location, yet included incredible comforts of a 4 star hotel – the highlight being a delicious morning breakfast complete with some local Icelandic specialties. This would be a perfect jumping off point for you and your guests into the lesser populated areas of western Iceland. The ceremony in this film was captured at the beautiful Budir Black Church, set into one of the most incredible ocean-side lava fields I’ve ever seen – seriously, take a look at the drone footage in the film below, most of which was shot at the Budir Church. Also worth checking out is the Hotel Budir right next door to the church, which would act as a good spot to house you or your guests for a ceremony at the Budir Black Church.

We realize most of these suggestions focus around the western region of Iceland, but honestly there is so much more to explore in this beautiful country that can’t be highlighted in a single blog post. The Icelandic people are incredibly hospitable, welcoming and the stunning outlooks and raw displays of nature around every corner make this a country worth visiting, and eloping in if you’re the open-minded adventurous type. It’s a place words can’t accurately describe, but your eyes must actually see to appreciate.

If you’re looking for a destination wedding videographer to capture your wedding or elopement in Iceland, definitely check out our work and get in touch with us

Elopement In Iceland