Personal connections are a critical piece of what drives our films. Check out some of our recent posts below, and get to know some of the incredible couples we’ve had the pleasure of working with here at New England Creative.

Andrea & Steve | La Bella Vista Wedding Film | Waterbury, CT

Andrea & Steve | La Bella Vista Wedding Film | Waterbury, CT


La Bella Vista Wedding Film

To sum it up, Andrea & Steve are our kind of people. Both of them have such incredible attention to detail, and amazing artistic vision. Heck, Steve is a floral designer and jumped at the opportunity to design Andrea’s bouquet, as well as many of the floral arrangements throughout their wedding day. They hand-painted their cake plate together, and spent so much time designing and meticulously hand crafting many of the details seen throughout their wedding day. You could tell their focus was ensuring their guests had the time of their lives, and left their wedding with unforgettable memories. They didn’t disappoint.

Andrea & Steve were married at their beautiful hometown church in Danbury, CT surrounding by their closest friends & family. The party continued at La Bella Vista in Waterbury, where the evening went off without a hitch supported by the awesome venue staff and vendors (noted below). All-in-all, we couldn’t have asked for a better day spent with such a warm, welcoming and kind couple.


Photography: Tim Nosenzo Photography | Venue: La Bella Vista | Ceremony Venue: Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Priest: Father Jose Brito Martins | DJ: CNT Entertainment | Floral Design: Petals On The Bus & Agnew Florist | Hair & Makeup: Klickers Hair Studio


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How You Can Help Your Wedding Videographer

How You Can Help Your Wedding Videographer

“Want your wedding film to be the best it can be? Want to know how you can help? Here’s how..”

How You Can Help Your Wedding Videographer

We think we work with the best couples here at New England Creative, and having spent a lot of time on the phone, and talking in person with future brides & couples; we commonly get asked a very simple, yet important question – “How Can I Help?” First off, the fact that a couple would even ask this question, is most definitely a good thing! Videographers who are sought after, and may have multiple inquiries for the same date, will pick the couple they mesh well with 100% of the time. They’ll always pick the couple who makes the extra effort to collaborate with them and communicate openly.

Admittedly, when you hire a professional videographer, you’re putting your trust in their ability to execute, and create an amazing memory of the most important day of your life – but it doesn’t have to end there. We’d encourage you not to consider your role over once the contract is signed and the deposit’s been paid. There are so many ways you can help your wedding videographer, that don’t require much effort at all, and can only result in a better wedding film. Here are our top 5 ways you can help your wedding videographer:

More Personal, Less Formal

Ultimately, your wedding day, is your day. However you want it to run, however you want to say your vows, is entirely up to you – and we’re on board with your vision. With that said, we always encourage our couples to tie in more personal details & moments throughout your day. Whether that’s sharing a first look before the ceremony, writing & reciting your own personal vows, exchanging a personal gift, letter exchange prior to the ceremony, or planning & coordinating a surprise event during the reception, all of these things make your film more unique and speak to who you are as a couple. Most videographers are equipped with high quality, low profile microphones to capture all of the incredible audio from these moments, and can weave that into a unique, one-of-a-kind story. We have a saying in the industry, and that’s “Story is king.” Make it unique, make it personal. Help us tell your story.

The Little Things

During our initial consultation, we might ask a lot of silly questions, seemingly unrelated to creating a wedding film. What’s your favorite genre of music? What’s your favorite artist? Favorite book? What are you crazy about? Bear with us here, as all we’re trying to do is comb for unique details we can tie into your film. Do you have some old home videos you’d like to tie into the film? How about some old Polaroid shots, or old cell phone video of you guys in your early dating years? Come to us with these unique ideas & details, let’s chat about what’s important to you guys, and how we might be able to tie these into your film.

Compiled Vendor List

If at all possible, try to provide your videographer (and photographer) with a compiled vendor list as early in advance of the wedding day as possible. This comes in handy for early coordination, and allows us the ability to touch base with the other vendors, network, and coordinate in advance of the wedding day. Key things for us as videographers is the ability to touch base with the DJ to discuss audio capabilities and lighting during the ceremony, and for general coordination with the photographer. It also acts as a helpful resource when your film is complete, to ensure we’re tagging & including all participating vendors when posting your film to social media.

Detailed Timeline

99% of the time, you’ll be discussing start and end time coverage details with your videographer, however, it’s super helpful for us to have a simple bulletized list with start and end times of all key events throughout the day. Providing a detailed timeline in advance of the wedding day allows us to plan our course of action for the day, schedule logistics and coordinate locations & coverage with our second shooters. This detail is absolutely critical, and is printed out, in our pockets and referred to throughout the course of the day. Send it to your videographer early, and don’t hesitate to ask if he/she has any objections, or suggestions on adjusting the timeline.

Detailed Timeline

No matter how much time you spend planning, coordinating, and creating your detailed schedule & timeline, something will come up. An unforeseen hurdle, an unexpected event, a late arrival, or one of a million other things. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who’s seen these things before, and plan in advance? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about anything on your wedding day, and have a right-hand man/woman you can direct all questions to? Yes, yes it would. We’ve captured weddings with and without planners, and let me tell you; the weddings with dedicated planners run much smoother, and result in much happier and relaxed brides. Naturally, this results in happier, stress-free moments during your wedding day, which in-turn results in a better wedding film! Whether it’s our friends at Blue Lane Events, Pearl Weddings & Events, or Soirees & Revelry here in Connecticut, there are a lot of talented planners out there. We always hear from our couples that the day “flies by,” and having a dedicated planner can ensure better coordination between your vendors, and more time for you to soak in all the little moments from your wedding day and far less stressful day.


Jess & Vinny | Sea Crest Beach Hotel Wedding Film | Cape Cod, MA

Jess & Vinny | Sea Crest Beach Hotel Wedding Film | Cape Cod, MA

Sea Crest Beach Hotel Wedding Film

On an early spring day in Falmouth, MA, Jess & Vinny were married in a truly intimate, personal setting on the beach at the scenic Sea Crest Beach Hotel in the heart of Cape Cod. One could argue that a beach wedding in the early spring is a gamble; entirely subject to a random chilly day with crazy wind blowing off the Atlantic ocean, but not this day. It was the perfect day to capture our first Sea Crest Beach Hotel wedding film.

I’ve spent limited time on the Cape growing up in New England, only visiting 3-4 times over my life, but it’s easy to see why Jess & Vinny fell in love with this location specifically. Despite traveling all over the world together already, they chose this beach, in this shoreline town in Massachusetts. From the pool overlooking the ocean, to the open outdoor bar, to each room’s prime balcony real estate overlooking the Atlantic, it’s easy to see why Sea Crest holds strong as one of the top wedding venues on Cape Cod.

After dodging waves (and large dogs) while capturing the incredible rocky beach setting of the venue, Vinny greeted us with incredible hospitality, gave us a run-down of the venue and introduced us to the family. From the incredible floral arrangements, and beach ceremony setting created by the groom’s mother, to the illustrations by Gabi Tozati, everything had such a unique touch touch to it.

A definite highlight for me was their decision to have the officiant (Vinny’s sister) read an excerpt from the best selling novel “The Alchemist” by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. Having never read the book before, it was incredible to hear the words for the first time, and see how it spoke so much to these two. Queue further excitement when we were able to find the audio-book, and include the specific excerpt into the first few minutes of their film. It’s opportunities & details like these that allow us to personalize films for our couples, and put a unique twist on telling their story.

You know, for the weeks leading up to Jess & Vinny’s wedding, I was stressed, wishing so badly that we could start our 2018 wedding season off on the right foot. These are natural feelings. I truly believe it. For those of us who strive to be the best at what we do, there’s a natural nervousness leading to the start of something. A certain nervous anticipation that no amount of preparation, schedule review or confirmation email can alleviate. A desire for the hurdles to entry to be small, and the unplanned obstacles to be minimal. What helps immensely is when the people you work with put you at ease, and have such kind and easy-going personalities like Jess & Vinny. They look out for their fellow man (and videographer) and personally live to help those less fortunate than them by engaging in their community to support causes near and dear to them. In short, the kind of people you want to surround yourself with.

I’ll leave you with this quote, direct from Vinny’s closing portion of his vows. Something I think we can all apply to our every day life:

The world is a diverse and beautiful place. The universe is vast and mysterious. And life is just too, too short. Let’s take on the world with compassion in our hearts and acceptance in our minds…let’s strive to be the change we want to see in the world.”

Sea Crest Beach Hotel Wedding Video

Sea Crest Beach Hotel Wedding Video

Sea Crest Beach Hotel Wedding Video

Photography: Roberto Gaseta | Venue: Sea Crest Beach Hotel | DJ: 4 UR Convenience  | Dress: Ti Adora Bridal | Makeup: Carol Gomes | Art: Gabi Tozati

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Videographer

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Videographer

Top 5 Reasons To Hire Wedding Videographer

“We often see a videographer budgeted last and considered a “nice to have,” but if it’s within your budget, it’s worth it – here’s why.”

We talk with a lot of brides here at New England Creative, and have had numerous conversations about budgeting priorities and how hiring a wedding videographer fits into our couple’s overall wedding budget. We know staying under budget is tough, we’ve been there ourselves; but considering how popular this topic has been, we wanted to provide our perspective on why we think it’s worth it to budget in a wedding videographer, and budget it in early if at all possible. Here are our top 5 reasons to hire a wedding videographer:

Emotions In Motion

A wedding film can offer an additional layer of emotion that a still image simply can’t provide. The audible reaction during a first look, the collective gasp when a bride walks down the aisle, the little moments during vow recital, the screw-ups, the funny moments, the speeches. All of these moments can be captured discretely by a talented videographer equipped with low profile microphones. For as unique and incredible as still images can be, they can’t capture motion or sound – which makes a wedding film so important.

Video Captures The Moments & People You’ll Miss

Real talk: your wedding day will be a blur! One of the most common points of feedback we hear is that for all of the time spent planning, talking with vendors and sending invitations, the day will be over before you know it. Think about the moments you may not see; your fiance’s time spent before the ceremony getting ready, your parent’s reactions, the flower girl’s entrance. All of these things can be captured in a video. Most videographers these days also offer raw footage packages too, so even if you prefer a shorter highlight film, ask your videographer about purchasing the raw footage to see every last clip captured throughout your wedding day.

Skipping One Could Be Your Biggest Regret

A recent poll conducted by of some newlywed’s biggest regrets after their weddings suggests that 35% of couples wish they’d hired a videographer in the first place. Additionally, 25% of couples mentioned Videographer as the top vendor category they wish they’d spent more money on. Early budgeting for videography & early booking is key here, as much like photographers, talented videographers can get booked very far in advance. Still curious? Check out these excellent write-ups by The Knot, and the talented crew at Brighter Lights Media. If you need further convincing, check out the amazing reaction video below from one of our brides watching her film for the first tim. Through all the tears, she specifically mentions seeing so many things she never saw throughout the day, and how awesome it was to have those captured.

Uniquely You

A wedding film presents so many opportunities for personalization, uniqueness and individuality. A good wedding videographer should consult with you, meet in person, or not be afraid to chat on Skype if the opportunity presents itself. They’ll listen and understand what’s important to you, what your style is, what your hobbies are, what type of music you love – what makes you tick. All of these details can then be considered and weaved into the footage captured & edited from your wedding day, resulting in something truly unique. In short; consider a videographer you connect with on a personal level, and who’s style speaks to you.

Your Options Are Growing

Whether it’s us at New England Creative (we hope it is!), or a young and hungry film student looking for his first opportunity, your options are growing more and more by the day. With the technological advances of cameras the last few years, and the explosion of YouTube, internet video and Vlogging, more and more talented filmmakers are entering the industry every day. Do your research, find talented local vendors on The Knot, binge-watch videos on Love Stories TV. If you ask us, we believe what’s most important is hiring someone trustworthy, with a solid set of reviews, and who’s creative style speaks most profoundly to you. Plain and simple.

In Summary

Sure you could say we’re biased, but if you’re on the fence about it, or you’re not sure you want to set it higher in the budget priority list, we would definitely recommend it. We’ve never run into a single bride who’s mentioned regretting hiring a videographer; only regrets in not hiring one.

At the end of the day, a professional still photo that fits your style is an incredible thing, and may adorn the walls of your home for decades to come, but it won’t capture the raw “emotions in motion” experienced through your day, nor the conversation with your bridesmaids, the incredible letter reading prior to the ceremony, or the exchanges between your closest friends & family. A film can do that.