Crafting bespoke storytelling experiences for life’s grandest moments.

Hi, I’m Matt

Owner filmmaker & editor

My journey into creating wedding films was born out of a deeply personal desire to capture the fleeting moments of my own life. As I saw my children growing quickly before my eyes, I started bringing a video camera with me everywhere, capturing their first steps, first words and the mundane moments of every day life. I knew that some day, these clips would become incredible treasures that could be shared with future generations. I take this same passion into the work that I do for our couples.

I started New England Creative nearly 5 years ago to help couples capture the biggest day of their lives in the most unique, personal and emotionally profound way. To capture the memories, voices, sights and sounds from their wedding day before they quickly fade from memory. Not your standard cookie-cutter wedding films, but something that speaks to your soul and the uniqueness of your relationship. The care I take in capturing & preserving my own life’s memories, is the same care I take in preserving these incredible moments for our couples.

When not creating art for my couples, I can be found spending time with my wife and four beautiful kids Avery, Emery and twin girls Lilah & Morgan. I enjoy quiet weekends in nature, skateboarding, snowboarding and LOTS of cold brew iced coffee.



We pride ourselves on achieving a natural & organic style in capturing your wedding day. This means we won’t be in your face throughout the day, making things uncomfortable & awkward. We like to blend into the background, and often get comments from clients & guests that we were “ninjas” and often leaving guests wondering how we got everything we did.


We focus on capturing un-posed and natural moments –  corny and awkward poses be damned. Over the years we’ve been doing this, we’ve found this results in our best work, and the most comfortable and relaxing experience for our couples. We LOVE getting our couples into a beautiful location and encouraging them to have a moment together, soak it all in, and then capture the magic that naturally happens.


We book fewer weddings than other studios because we value the connections we make with our couples. It’s who we are. Throughout our pre-wedding and post-wedding process, we work closely with our clients to find unique ways to make their wedding films speak to them. You’ll find us looking to understand your story as a couple; your passions, hobbies, musical tastes and looking for opportunities to encorporate unique and personal touches into the art we create for you.


We’re team players. Plain and simple. We love our fellow wedding vendors, and will do everything in our power to work cohesively together, help each other out and provide our couples with an amazing experience. We’re also known to share a few wings and beers with our photographer friends after the wedding is over.


We’d love to connect with you and hear more about your wedding plans!