Crafting bespoke storytelling experiences for life’s grandest moments.

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Matt Garza, Owner & Principal Filmmaker

For over 15 years, Matt Garza has refined his craft of storytelling & filmmaking, captivating audiences around the globe.

The defining element of Matt’s special talent for storytelling is his vision. In the seemingly minute details of a passing glance, intertwined fingers, or beams of sunlight through tree branches, he finds and cultivates a setting, mood, and story arc to perfectly document the most important days of his clients’ lives. 

Matt founded New England Creative in 2016, after years of supporting Fortune 500 clients like Tesla, Amazon, and Microsoft. Matt’s technical expertise and creative abilities are now the backbone of this Connecticut-based boutique studio, where their customer-focused approach to filmmaking has delighted couples seeking to preserve the emotional imagery of their wedding day, time and time again. His talent for capturing the essence of live events has drawn the attention & trust of past clients including famed CBS broadcasters, VIP corporate clients and Hollywood A-list celebrities.

When not behind the camera, Matt can be found wrangling his four kids (including twin girls), snowboarding, listening to endless hours of 90’s alternative music, financial podcasts and engaging in his endless pursuit of the smoothest cold brew iced coffee.

Danial Hamzah, Associate Filmmaker

Danial Hamzah is a seasoned camera operator & driven creative with an eye for the details and relentless desire for perfection.

Connecticut native and 2019 graduate from the University of Connecticut, Danial has developed into a talented visual artist and essential part of the New England Creative team. Trained by Principal Filmmaker, Matt Garza, Danial has learned to create visual imagery that not only appeals to the eye, but conveys each couple’s unique one-of-a-kind connection for over three years.

As a student in high school, Danial picked up a camera and developed his storytelling abilities through the medium of video, and hasn’t looked back. Through his years in college studying visual arts, he’s taken on roles as Director of Photography for numerous productions, resulting in many of his films being nominated for many US film festivals. Since graduating, he’s worked in the camera department for numerous shows like History’s “Forged in Fire,” “Table Wars,” and “In Pursuit with John Walsh.”

In his free time, Danial loves connecting with local musicians and artists in the New England area, creating visualizers and stunning visual content, riding his Onewheel, and window shopping at his local Target.

Our Mission & Philosophy

To excite the senses of our couples through the beauty & nostalgic emotion of their stunning wedding film. We believe these memories are too important to fade from memory, and strive to create films that transport our couples back into the incredible feelings, nostalgia & goosebump-inducing moments. Our candid & laid back style puts our couples at ease, and allows them to live organically in the moments as they play out in front of our cameras.

“We love them. You NEED them. The New England Creative team gave us our favorite wedding gift of all time in their incredible work.”

Nikki & Dean



We pride ourselves on achieving a natural & organic style in capturing your wedding day. This means we won’t be in your face throughout the day, making things uncomfortable & awkward. We like to blend into the background, and often get comments from clients & guests that we were “ninjas” and often leaving guests wondering how we got everything we did.


We focus on capturing un-posed and natural moments. Over the years, we’ve found this results in our best work and the most comfortable and relaxing experience for our couples. We LOVE getting our couples into a beautiful location and encouraging them to have a moment together, soak it all in, and then capture the magic that naturally happens.


We book fewer weddings than other studios because we value the connections we make with our couples. It’s who we are. Throughout our pre-wedding and post-wedding process, we work closely with our clients to find unique ways to make their wedding films speak to them. You’ll find us looking to understand your story as a couple; your passions, hobbies, musical tastes and looking for opportunities to encorporate unique and personal touches into the art we create for you.


We’re team players. Plain and simple. We love our fellow wedding vendors, and will do everything in our power to work cohesively together, help each other out and provide our couples with an amazing experience. We’re also known to share a few wings and beers with our photographer friends after the wedding is over.


We’d love to connect with you and hear more about your wedding plans!