For our planner focused social content, New England Creative’s focus would be to capture & highlight behind the scenes content, set up and final event decor for REM events. Social package options are focused soley on material for Rafanelli Events and not any other end client. While REM’s creative vision & key design details should be highlighted to NEC in advance of the event, NEC will lean on our live event experience to capture wide, tight and aerial footage of decor & details using our cameras & drones (if weather/FAA regulations/schedule permit). On-subject audio recording can also be provided.

Unless otherwise requested, NEC will deliver social edits in vertical (1080×1920) formatted .MP4 or .MOV files via private Google Drive links. Music licensing fees can vary for non-wedding events, so unless otherwise requested, all provided files will include no music and just dialogue (if applicable).

6.35% CT Sales Tax will apply for Connecticut events.




  • 3-4 Hours On-Site Shooting

  • One Shooter

  • One Hotel Overnight

  • 6-8 Video Stills

  • 2-3 Social Edits




  • 6-8 Hours On-Site Shooting

  • One Shooter

  • Two Hotel Overnights

  • 6-8 Video Stills

  • 2-3 Social Edits




  • Two Days (6-8 Hours Per Day)

  • One Shooter

  • Two Hotel Overnights

  • 8-10 Video Stills

  • 3-4 Social Edits

* Baseline rates included above – travel not included. REM team to book hotel room for NEC and provide day-of meal(s). Flight costs to be included in initial invoice. Ground transportion & other incidentals to be invoiced to REM within 14 days of event.


Click below to view video clips & video stills provided for past Rafanelli Events

Kevin & Kate

Allison & Austin

Rachel & Mike