"Should I Hire A Wedding Videographer?"


If you’re asking yourself this question, you’ve come to the right place! We know that wedding planning can be stressful, overwhelming and of course, expensive! We’ve had this conversation with numerous brides in the past, and felt that we were pretty well equipped to help outline why hiring a top notch wedding videographer might be the best use of your wedding budget! Check out our top reasons outlined below, as well as some incredible reaction videos we’ve collected from our couples over the years that might help make up your mind!

Before we dive into the details, check out one of our couple’s reactions to their wedding film as they watch it for the first time. So so special..

Emotions In Motion

A wedding film can offer an additional layer of emotion that a still image simply can’t provide. The audible reaction during the first look with your partner, the tears rolling down your partner’s face as they see you walking down the aisle, the little moments during vow recital, the screw-ups, the funny moments, the unforgettable speeches. All of these moments can be captured discretely by a talented videographer. For as unique and incredible as photos can be, they can’t capture motion or sound – which is part of the reason why a wedding film so important.

Missed Moments

Your wedding day will be a blur! One of the most common points of feedback we hear is that for all of the time spent planning, talking with vendors, sending invitations, and designing all the incredible decor; the day will be over before you know it. Think about the moments you may not see; the little conversations & moments during prep time, the design touches, your parent’s reactions during the ceremony, and your bridal party entrances. All of these things can be captured in a video. Most modern videographers also offer full length documentary edits, so even if you prefer a shorter highlight film, ask your videographer about purchasing a full length documentary edit to ensure you can see & hear all of those important moments in their entirety!

Uniquely You

A wedding film presents so many opportunities for personalization, uniqueness and individuality. A good wedding videographer should consult with you, meet in person, or not be afraid to chat on Skype or Facetime if the opportunity presents itself. They’ll listen and understand what’s important to you, what style you’re looking for, what you two do for fun, what type of music you love and a bit of your love story. All of these details can then be considered during editing, and then weaved into the footage captured throughout your wedding day resulting in something truly unique. Which is why, in our mind, it’s super important to find a videographer whom you connect with on a personal level, as the more you connect with your videographer, the more he/she will connect with you and understand what’s important in telling your story.

Remembering Loved Ones

It’s not a fun conversation to have, but we get comments from our previous couples from time to time stating that the footage we captured on their wedding day is the only footage they have of a loved one whom has recently passed on. Wedding films are family heirlooms and treasured pieces of history in remembering those closest to you as the decades pass, your family grows, and the legacy of your loved ones live on. We take these moments seriously, and a good videographer should prioritize capturing these important moments & interactions with family & loved ones.

Your Biggest Regret?

A recent poll conducted by Brides.com of some newlywed’s biggest regrets after their weddings suggests that 35% of couples wish they’d hired a videographer in the first place. Additionally, 25% of couples mentioned Videographer as the top vendor category they wish they’d spent more money on! Early budgeting for videography & early booking is key here, as much like photographers, talented videographers can get booked very far in advance. Still curious? Check out these excellent write-ups by The Knot, and the talented crew at Brighter Lights Media. If you need further convincing, check out the amazing reaction videos here in this post by some of our couples watching her film for the first time.

Organic & Candid Approach

A concern for a lot of couples when it comes to wedding video is feeling like they might be awkward in front of a camera, and that to capture a wedding film, a videographer needs to be in your face all day. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Some of you may have attended weddings with 4 man video teams, giant spotlights or huge camera rigs that are rolled around the venue all day. These days are quickly fading, as modern wedding videographers are using smaller mirrorless cameras and less obtrusive equipment. As technology advances, it makes filming live events less obtrusive and awkward. We pride ourselves in “blending in” with the events of the day, letting our couples breathe and experience the day as it unfolds while guiding them during portrait sessions to capture gorgeous shots. It’s a fine balance, and a great question to ask your potential videographer when it comes to the style in which they shoot.


“I am not the greatest at being in front of a camera without looking awkward or obvious yet somehow their direction and ability to capture the beauty of the raw and candid moments made us look like movie stars.”

Meet Rachel & Jeff. Rachel also had concerns about looking awkward in front of camera, but this reaction video they sent us after watching their wedding film for the first time says it all.


“New England Creative’s artistic and creative eye picked up on the little details that made our wedding unique and felt like a true reflection of our personalities. A few times during the night I told my spouse how happy I was having New England Creative there and how this had been the best money we spent during the planning.”

Here’s another reaction video after our couple Najah & Omar just got done watching their wedding film (for the 12th time straight) ?

Here’s one of the first reaction videos we ever received. Cry along with Lindsey & Chris as they watch their film for the first time. Listen to how she said her film “brings her right back” and how she got to “see all the stuff she missed.” We hear this a ton from our couples!

In Summary..

“Should I Hire A Wedding Videographer?” – If you’ve read this far, and have made your way through some of our tear filled reaction videos, we hope this has helped you answer this question a bit better, and understand the value in hiring a great wedding videographer. We know it can be difficult juggling all the budgeting priorities associated with planning a wedding, but after numerous conversations with our brides and other married couples, you really can’t go wrong prioritizing the items that will still be around after the wedding day. The things that’ll allow you to re-live those emotions, important loved ones, unforgettable speeches and moments with family. In short, we’ve never run into a single bride who’s mentioned regretting hiring a videographer; only regrets in not hiring one.

Are you interested in chatting with us, or perhaps discussing our availability for your wedding day? Any other questions on this topic we can help with? Be sure to click the contact button below to drop us a line, and while you’re here on our site, check out some of our films to shed a few more happy tears.

Wishing you the best of luck in your planning!

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