Your story as a couple is unique, and we think your wedding film should be too. Take a look through our main film options below, and consider any additions you feel would best highlight you as a couple. We would love to hear from you, and be a part of capturing your historical day.




We offer three main film options highlighted below.


4 – 5 Minute Cinematic Edit

8 Hours of Coverage Included

Two Filmmakers Included

30s-1m Teaser Film Included


6 – 9 Minute Cinematic Edit

9 Hours of Coverage Included

Two Filmmakers Included

30s-1m Teaser Film Included


10 – 14 Minute Cinematic Edit

10 Hours of Coverage Included

Two Filmmakers Included

30s-1m Teaser Film Included


Looking for something a little extra? Our optional additions are a great compliment to our main film options above.


Looking for just an edit of the entire ceremony and toasts? This is the addition for you! We’ll cut together a film with your entire ceremony, as well all your toasts, from start to finish and pair it together with the high quality audio captured from our professional microphones.


Want to see EVERYTHING from your wedding day? This addition is for you! Our documentary edit is a chronological account of the entire wedding day, laid out from start to finish. From all of the prep moments, first look, ceremony, speeches, first dances, bouquet toss, dance floor moments and everything in between.


A one minute edit, comprised mostly of footage not yet seen in your main highlight or short film, to be posted after your wedding day when you least expect it (hint: it’s a total surprise)! We think it’s a super exciting way to relive those special moments you’ve never seen from your big day.


Want to see all of the footage from your big day in it’s raw and pure form? This is the option for you! We deliver a USB flash drive to your doorstep with all of the video clips we recorded on your big day. Similar to our documentary edit, but this option requires a bit more work to click through all of the organized video clips.

Interested in rehearsal dinner coverage? Let us know when you inquire, and we’ll get back to you with our availability.


Q: How do I get more details on your pricing?
A: If you’re looking for more detailed pricing information, head on over to our contact page, fill in your details, and we’ll get in touch shortly with our full pricing details!

Q: Do you offer longer-form edits with the events from the whole day?
A: Yes! Our Documentary Edit is the perfect choice for couples looking to see the events of the day sequentially from start to finish. Documentary edits would typically include the full ceremony, speeches & first dances in their entirety and would include the natural audio captured throughout the day with our professional microphones. For those two don’t need to see everything, and just want to full length edit of the ceremony & speeches, we offer an additional “Ceremony & Speeches” option.

Q: Do you offer drone coverage?
A: Yes! We offer drone footage as a standard offering (no extra charge). We take any and every opportunity to capture gorgeous aerial footage as long as weather, FAA airspace regulations and venue rules allow for it.

Q: What’s the deal with the Raw Footage USB?
A: Our raw footage USB is for couples looking for a lower cost option compared to the Documentary Edit. We’ll ship a USB flash drive to your doorstep with all of the clips from your wedding day. Keep in mind, these clips will be in their raw and original form, which means there would be no color correction, and would involve clicking through likely hundreds of clips from your big day!

Q: What about the music in my film? Can I select my own songs?
A: Music is a huge part of our emotional storytelling, and is quite literally the foundation of the films we create. As much as we’d love the latest Calvin Harris or Pharrel smash hit in your wedding film, we need to protect us (and you) from any potential copyright claims that may come our way from using these tracks from big name artists. During our initial discussions, we like to get an idea of the style of music and artists our couples like. We then consider a bunch of factors including your musical preferences, our couple’s unique personalities, the emotions & feelings from your wedding day, and then carefully select fully licensed music tracks for use in your film. We spend a lot of time selecting & weaving music around your film, and love working with couples who trust our ability to build something truly special and unique.

Q: Are you open to travel?
A: Absolutely! Do you have a destination wedding, or a wedding outside of the New England area? We’re in! Fill out our inquiry form and let us know where you’re getting married, along with a few other details and we’ll get in touch shortly!