Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Videographer

Mar 20, 2018 | Wedding, Wedding Advice, Wedding Tips | 0 comments

Top 5 Reasons To Hire Wedding Videographer

“We often see a videographer budgeted last and considered a “nice to have,” but if it’s within your budget, it’s worth it – here’s why.”

We talk with a lot of brides here at New England Creative, and have had numerous conversations about budgeting priorities and how hiring a wedding videographer fits into our couple’s overall wedding budget. We know staying under budget is tough, we’ve been there ourselves; but considering how popular this topic has been, we wanted to provide our perspective on why we think it’s worth it to budget in a wedding videographer, and budget it in early if at all possible. Here are our top 5 reasons to hire a wedding videographer:

Emotions In Motion

A wedding film can offer an additional layer of emotion that a still image simply can’t provide. The audible reaction during a first look, the collective gasp when a bride walks down the aisle, the little moments during vow recital, the screw-ups, the funny moments, the speeches. All of these moments can be captured discretely by a talented videographer equipped with low profile microphones. For as unique and incredible as still images can be, they can’t capture motion or sound – which makes a wedding film so important.

Video Captures The Moments & People You’ll Miss

Real talk: your wedding day will be a blur! One of the most common points of feedback we hear is that for all of the time spent planning, talking with vendors and sending invitations, the day will be over before you know it. Think about the moments you may not see; your fiance’s time spent before the ceremony getting ready, your parent’s reactions, the flower girl’s entrance. All of these things can be captured in a video. Most videographers these days also offer raw footage packages too, so even if you prefer a shorter highlight film, ask your videographer about purchasing the raw footage to see every last clip captured throughout your wedding day.

Skipping One Could Be Your Biggest Regret

A recent poll conducted by of some newlywed’s biggest regrets after their weddings suggests that 35% of couples wish they’d hired a videographer in the first place. Additionally, 25% of couples mentioned Videographer as the top vendor category they wish they’d spent more money on. Early budgeting for videography & early booking is key here, as much like photographers, talented videographers can get booked very far in advance. Still curious? Check out these excellent write-ups by The Knot, and the talented crew at Brighter Lights Media. If you need further convincing, check out the amazing reaction video below from one of our brides watching her film for the first tim. Through all the tears, she specifically mentions seeing so many things she never saw throughout the day, and how awesome it was to have those captured.

Uniquely You

A wedding film presents so many opportunities for personalization, uniqueness and individuality. A good wedding videographer should consult with you, meet in person, or not be afraid to chat on Skype if the opportunity presents itself. They’ll listen and understand what’s important to you, what your style is, what your hobbies are, what type of music you love – what makes you tick. All of these details can then be considered and weaved into the footage captured & edited from your wedding day, resulting in something truly unique. In short; consider a videographer you connect with on a personal level, and who’s style speaks to you.

Your Options Are Growing

Whether it’s us at New England Creative (we hope it is!), or a young and hungry film student looking for his first opportunity, your options are growing more and more by the day. With the technological advances of cameras the last few years, and the explosion of YouTube, internet video and Vlogging, more and more talented filmmakers are entering the industry every day. Do your research, find talented local vendors on The Knot, binge-watch videos on Love Stories TV. If you ask us, we believe what’s most important is hiring someone trustworthy, with a solid set of reviews, and who’s creative style speaks most profoundly to you. Plain and simple.

In Summary

Sure you could say we’re biased, but if you’re on the fence about it, or you’re not sure you want to set it higher in the budget priority list, we would definitely recommend it. We’ve never run into a single bride who’s mentioned regretting hiring a videographer; only regrets in not hiring one.

At the end of the day, a professional still photo that fits your style is an incredible thing, and may adorn the walls of your home for decades to come, but it won’t capture the raw “emotions in motion” experienced through your day, nor the conversation with your bridesmaids, the incredible letter reading prior to the ceremony, or the exchanges between your closest friends & family. A film can do that.